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Dhana Jiru Powder

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Product Description

Coriander Cumin Powder

Sourced from the well-drained, loamy regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. This type is much valued for its high percentage of essential oil content that gives it an intense flavour.

Cumin seeds have a penetrating musty, earthy flavour. It’s a cooling spice. In the middle ages, cumin was believed to keep lovers faithful and chickens from straying. More recently, cumin has become popular because of its use in Mexican cooking.

A native of Egypt and the Mediterranean, cumin is now mostly produced in India. Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are the prominent producers.


Roasted very briefly on low fire (for only a minute) on a tawa (girdle) and then ground into powder helps release its flavour more fully. Cumin is considered a digestive.

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